Pawan Singh Akshara Singh Controversy: Was Akshara Singh going to be the mother of Pawan Singh’s child? The actress took this secret from the screen!

Pawan singh

Pawan Singh Akshara Singh Controversy: There was a time in Bhojpuri industry when Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh dominated. People liked this pair so much that their films and songs became hits just by their names. The audience liked the pairing of these two very much. The chemistry of these two was much liked on the big screen, they also worked together in many films and songs which still rules the hearts of the audience.

There came a time when a rift arose between the pair. Now both of them are completely separated. Refuse to even look at each other’s face. There were reports that both the pair were in a relationship and Akshara Singh had fallen in love with Pawan Singh. Although Akshara Singh always maintained silence about her relationship, but in an interview she has responded to this big allegation of yours. Actually Pawan Singh on Akshara SinghPawan’s wife had alleged that despite the actress being married, she was in a relationship with him and not only this, she was also going to be the mother of Pawan’s child. Akshara Singh But she abandoned Pawan Singh’s child and did not let him come into the world, Akshara Singh has given the answer to this, which will be known further.

Pawan Singh’s wife made serious allegations
During an interview, while answering this question, he said that I say that his wife said it but whether I should speak about it or not is a girl’s matter. I was silent because this is a girl’s thing. Now I keep these things that when this thing happened. A few days before that I had received a call asking will you testify for me? Jyoti Singh Pawan said this on callSingh’s wife tells me. When we talked, she cried and told me what had happened to her. I can feel that I have suffered that pain. I sympathize with him, it is true that he shared his thoughts with me.

Pawan Singh Akshara Singh Controversy
Akshara further said that I don’t know from where this call recording went viral. There was a recording on my phone at that time, but at that time I was accused of making it viral, I had nothing to do with it. While I was not even remotely involved in the story of both of you, when you came I had nothing to do with it. Jyoti had told me that whatever treatment I was given to her.

Many girls used to come, they were telling me all those things in the house. That also went viral. After that I was moving ahead in my life. I also want to see my house. I have also come with my dreams, I was engaged in them, after 2018 I am not concerned with anyone, not even Jyoti Singh, not even Pawan Singh, no one should come to meet me, he is welcome from the elders. I am also like that, whoever comes is welcome, whoever does not come, hello brother.

Suffering due to pregnancy
Akshara Singh says that she was troubled by your pregnancy. He said, I am in a lot of pain because you are in pain. I am assuming that you have to emerge from these things. You want justice but if you humiliate a girl for your justice then is it right? I guess they don’t have any other recording about me. One of my points was misused.There was no truth in this. It is also not appropriate to do these things. If you ask the same question to a girl who has moved on and takes her back, then what do you want? Want to hit the girl, and what’s that to me? Let me commit suicide.

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